2011 May 31

I’ve now got listings for the Philippines. Only listings for Metro Manila, to be precise, but it’s certainly not a trivial amount. That brings the total number of listings on display to 1,361,257.

Facebook Integration

2011 Feb 04

Each number detail page (example) now has a button to share with your friends on Facebook. You can use this to show your support for local businesses that might not have a webpage yet!

Telephone Exchanges

2011 Jan 25

I’ve managed to track down locations of telephone switches in several countries around the world. They’re listed along with the telephone directories on the right side of this page.

First Go

2011 Jan 23 is now live, with three directories: Nepal, Suriname, and Swaziland. Check it out.

For a forward (name-to-number) white pages, follow the links on the right sidebar.